30 November 2023

  Brands face unprecedented challenges as power dynamics shift from companies to consumers.  In the current market landscape, juggling quality products, upholding brand values, and navigating complex social issues takes a delicate balancing act. Consumers hold more power than ever, influencing a significant portion of a brand’s decisions. This power shift has changed market dynamics and...

13 November 2023

  Brand value is the perceived worth of a brand in the minds of consumers and stakeholders. It plays a crucial role in the success and growth of a business and impacts brand equity, trust, market share, and overall business performance. Understanding and maximizing brand value can give companies a competitive advantage. At Brand Lounge,...

05 October 2023

  “Positioning is how you differentiate yourself in the mind of your prospect” Jack Trout , Al Ries (2000). Positioning: The Battle for Your Mind When it comes to business and brand strategy, the term ‘brand positioning’ holds immense significance. Here at Brand Lounge, positioning isn’t just a statement. It becomes an experiential journey and...

14 September 2023

  Culture shock is a phenomenon typically associated with travel and experiencing new environments.  However, it can easily be applied to other contexts beyond personal adventures. In the business world, when an organization lacks a strong and cohesive brand culture, it can experience a form of culture shock.  This article explores the importance of a...

24 August 2023

  In recent weeks, the discussions around branding have intensified due to the sudden rebranding of Twitter to X . This development has prompted numerous companies and business owners to contemplate whether their businesses might require a refresh or rebrand. The signs pointing to a need for an update may have been there for some time,...

11 August 2023

Brands that stand the test of time need more than an eye-catching logo or a creative advertising campaign. These elements may enhance your brand image but do not define your brand identity. The true strength and enduring nature of a brand extend beyond mere aesthetics; they are deeply rooted in the core strategy, unique differentiation,...

03 August 2023

excitement always builds at Brand Lounge when news of a company’s rebrand surfaces, especially when it involves one of the world’s largest tech companies.   One recent event that caught our attention is Twitter’s sudden and unexpected rebranding to X. This overnight change has led to lively debate and discussion among brand experts and designers...

27 July 2023

Maximizing Opportunities: Our Internship program At Brand Lounge, we take pride in providing an enriching and fulfilling internship program that maximizes opportunities for the next generation of professionals. Our internship program is designed to provide interns with firsthand professional experience and equip them to develop innovative solutions to real-world brand issues. This group of interns...

20 July 2023

Brand Differentiation Amidst Noise In a highly competitive business environment, achieving brand differentiation has become increasingly challenging. Companies are vying for customer attention online and offline, making it difficult to stand out from competitors. With a global population of eight billion individuals and a substantial proportion connected through digital channels, noise levels are high. Similarly, with...

12 July 2023

Finding the ideal partner to assist in developing a brand strategy can be overwhelming. Getting familiar with the types of companies that offer these services can facilitate the process. There are mainly two types of firms in the landscape: brand agency and brand consultancy. This article aims to uncover the differences between these firms and...

26 June 2023

Developing a solid brand strategy is one of the most beneficial choices you can make for your business. More than just a business plan, your brand strategy is your North Star. It serves as a guiding principle for your business goals, marketing strategies, and communication efforts. This strategy acts as a secret ingredient that has...

15 June 2023

In today’s multidimensional world, a strong brand strategy is essential to any business plan and can be a powerful catalyst for growth. As the lines between the physical and digital worlds become increasingly blurred, customers are now everywhere and expect your brand to be everywhere, too. Therefore, brands must address this new challenge and remain...

09 June 2023

Ibrahim Lahoud, strategy director at Dubai and Riyadh-based consultancy brand lounge, explains why brand owners may worry about adopting change as well as how brand experts can overcome these doubts. Rebranding anxiety is catalogued in the manual of brand development under the ‘Change Apprehension Syndrome’ (just kidding!). While it is quite understandable at first glance,...

05 June 2023

Effective Brand Strategies in a Shifting Landscape Change, a universal constant, is challenging because of our inherent desire for comfort and security. This was made evident during the global turmoil of the COVID-19 pandemic, an unexpected shift we were collectively unprepared for. While COVID-19 brought fear and uncertainty, it was not only the pandemic that...

17 April 2023

One year has passed since we gathered to applaud the exceptional work of our industry, championing the promotion, advocacy, and education around brand development across the region. As we come together this year to commemorate Transform MEA’s 10th anniversary, we’ll reflect on the challenges overcome, the best practices employed, and the brilliant firms transforming the...

04 July 2022

Transform caught up with Brand Lounge’s Ibrahim Lahoud and Mo Saad to uncover the secrets of their work with cold logistics company Coco.

06 June 2022

Mohamad Badr, chief strategy officer and head of growth, outlines his belief that business strategy must follow brand strategy - not the other way around.

13 May 2022

Mo Saad, head of design and creative impact, describes how brand identity is evolving and how it might change in the future with the advent of the metaverse.

17 March 2022

We hosted our very first Brand Breakfast this week piloted through an invite-only session, hosted at One Life Kitchen & Café in Dubai Design District.

14 February 2022

After a solid 15 years of regional and global success, we’re taking things to the next level.

14 February 2022

As we continue to expand our reach and discover new markets, tap into new industries, and embrace extraordinary talent, we head towards maximization.

25 January 2022

“A brand is the set of expectations, memories, stories, and relationships that, taken together, account for a consumer’s decision to choose one product over another.” — Seth Godin What do Disney, Apple, and Amazon have in common? Aside from raking in millions and millions in financial returns, these brands also topped the 2019 Brand Intimacy...

23 January 2022

The typefaces that you choose for your brand logo play a huge role in communicating your brand message to your target audience. Whether you are creating a new identity for your enterprise or redesigning an existing one, choosing the right font can help you leave a powerful and memorable impact on your consumers, thus effectively...

23 January 2022

As a brand, staying relevant to your audience is vital. If you are not continuously making significant updates and modifications to your brand, you simply won’t keep up with the fast-evolving market and your competitors in the industry. If, for example, you are introducing a new merger or acquisition, you might need to reposition your...

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