Maximizing Opportunities:An Inside Look at the Brand Lounge Internship

Internship Maximizing Opportunities

Maximizing Opportunities: Our Internship program

At Brand Lounge, we take pride in providing an enriching and fulfilling internship program that maximizes opportunities for the next generation of professionals.

Our internship program is designed to provide interns with firsthand professional experience and equip them to develop innovative solutions to real-world brand issues.

This group of interns brings fresh perspectives to our work, as they are the first generation of digital natives.  

Research suggests that Gen-Z consumers seek brands that resonate with their values and goals. Brands are more than just a part of their environment — they are an extension of their identities.  This indicates a profound understanding of how branding is perceived and how it fits into their digital lives.

This year, we honor and celebrate our interns in time for Intern Appreciation Day. We are grateful for their dedication, hard work, and willingness to learn.  We had the privilege of welcoming four talented interns to our team this summer. We sat down with them to gain insights into their experiences, the internship highlights, and the lessons they will carry with them in their learning journeys.

Let’s meet our interns.

Meet Our Interns: Profiles in Innovation

Rami Naamani

Intern at Brand Lounge
  • Role: Brand Strategy Intern
  • Major: Economics & Computer Science
  • School:  McGill University

What were your initial expectations of Brand Lounge? 

I was puzzled and didn’t know what to expect since this was my first professional experience. I felt an eagerness to learn and fit in but also a need to keep professionalism in mind in some way, shape, or form.

What did your day-to-day look like?

My day-to-day tasks and responsibilities varied each week. At the beginning of my internship, my research focused on the concept of branding in general and getting familiar with Brand Lounge’s Twist/Touch in particular.  As the internship went on, I worked on brand strategy research, communications and marketing, and social media. I even had a glimpse into business and operational management.

How would you describe your internship experience? 

The experience was incredible. Not only did it expand my knowledge of branding, but it also gave me an understanding of the roles brand strategy and design play in the world. The internship also gave me an insight into the business world and introduced me to terminology and acronyms I had never heard of before.

The best part of my internship was________________

The whole team’s kindness and patience, and in general, the positive culture at Brand Lounge. 

What new skills did you learn?

The skills I learned were brand strategy, adaptability to different tasks, market research, and some exposure to social media management.

What is the next step in your journey? 

I do not know yet, but I will take all of my learning about brand strategy with me as I continue my education and later begin my career. 

Rand Kashlan

Design intern
  • Role: Brand Strategy Intern
  • School:  Dubai Institute of Design and Innovation
  • Major: Product and Multimedia Design

What were your initial expectations of Brand Lounge? 

My initial expectations were to gain experience and knowledge on what happens in a brand consultancy and learn new skills.

What did your day-to-day look like?

Each day, I work with the design director Hammad on different projects like exploring packaging design and website designs. This is ”as real as it gets.”

How would you describe your internship experience? 

The internship gave me a good look at the experience of the professional world. At Brand Lounge, you’re not an intern, so you experience what a real job in a consultancy is like.

The best part of my internship was________________

Getting one-to-one help from the Design Director Hammad and Head of Design & Creative Impact, Mo. They provided constant feedback to help me improve my work and learn new design skills.

What new skills did you learn?

I learned about new ways of thinking in the professional world and tackling designs that reflect the creative brief and clients’ requirements.

What is the next step in your journey? 

My next step is to intern at different companies to gain more knowledge and experience. Then I’ll apply for a Master’s Degree in Interior Design. I want to combine Product design and Interior design for my career.

Ghaith Majid

Brand Lounge Design Intern
  • Role: Brand Strategy Intern
  • School:  American University of Sharjah
  • Major: Design Management 

What were your initial expectations of Brand Lounge? 

I wanted to gain an idea of what work life would look like. I also wanted to get a sense of what it would be like to work in a field related to my major. And Brand Lounge seemed like a good place to start.

What did your day-to-day look like?

Most of my days were spent working on different brand elements for clients.

How would you describe your internship experience? 

My internship at Brand Lounge was memorable. It was filled with many lessons and it was an overall positive experience.  The experience was different and enjoyable, and I’ve learned so much both in my personal and work life. 

The best part of my internship was____________________

Having the mentorship of the senior designers, Mo and Hammad has been a huge help as I learn and grow as a designer.

What new skills did you learn?

I gained many new software skills including Photoshop and Illustrator. I also learned how to plan for and deal with real-life situations, collaborate in a group, manage my time, and commit to a project.

What is the next step in your journey? 

I have not made any concrete decisions, however, I am considering getting a master’s degree in an area of study not related to design, so that I can broaden my skill set.

Laeticia Rubeiz

  • Role: Brand Design Intern
  • School:  Lycée Libanais Francophone Privé Meydan
  • Major: Most likely design

What were your initial expectations of Brand Lounge? 

By joining Brand Lounge, I wanted to discover and understand the essence of branding but, more importantly, I was interested in the creative and design part of the process.  I wanted to see what designers do and comprehend the significance of their role within the branding process.

What did your day-to-day look like?

For my internship, I attended several meetings in which different brands were being discussed. I was then assigned to research a specific client’s brand and find new ideas for a rebrand.  I also had the opportunity to shadow the designers while they worked on different projects and asked them questions about their jobs.

How would you describe your internship experience? 

It was a great experience.  It was especially enlightening because, as a customer, I am typically only exposed to the final product, unaware of the details involved in creating elements such as the logo and brand design.

The best part of my internship was_________________

Being able to see firsthand how designers work. I got to understand branding and get a feel of the different jobs ranging from brand strategy to creative and design.

What new skills did you learn?

I learned a bit about design software like Illustrator and InDesign. I also discovered the process that leads to creating a brand identity and design.

What is the next step in your journey? 

I am considering majoring in design (product, graphic). 


Interns at Brand Lounge enhance our workplace culture and make meaningful contributions to our projects. We strive to foster a work environment of collaboration and innovation, and our interns play an integral role in achieving this goal.

Want to join us in maximizing value? Reach out today to find out what an internship at Brand Lounge could mean for you!

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