A Branding Consultancy In Dubai

We are an award-winning regional brand consultancy and the designated partner of ‘Trout & Partners’ in the Middle East & Africa. With over 15 years of experience in brand consulting for leading corporations across multiple industries and business sectors, we are all about maximizing your brand value through uncovering your point of differentiation. We follow a proven, strategy-led methodology for building and growing brands. We develop differentiated brand positioning, clear brand architectures, design unique logos and visual identities and deliver practical brand guidelines while deploying the brands’ stories inside-out through content creation and engagement plans.


A glance at how we integrate our thinking in Strategy, Design, Space and Dialogue disciplines to maximize your brand’s value.


At Brand Lounge, we offer end-to-end services for every client we work with. Our focus is to differentiate each and every brand through our four main practices; brand strategy, brand design, brand space and brand provocateur.

Brand Strategy Brand Strategy

Uncovering your point of differentiation by building the ideal brand positioning.

Brand Design Brand Design

Creating an emotional connection with your target audience by crafting a differentiated visual experience.

Brand Space Brand Space

Reinventing your brand’s physical space to nurture your team’s right culture & map the ideal journey for your customers.

Brand Provocateur Brand Provocateur

Communicating brand’s purpose through a provocative digital dialogue





With our strategy-led 3-step methodology,we uncover your point of differentiation tomaximize your brand value.

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