15 years ago, and after over a decade of building brands across the region, Hasan Fadlallah took the decision to establish an independent brand consultancy that strives to strategically differentiate brands from their sea of competitors.

Brand Lounge was created as a promising start-up in the burgeoning city of Dubai and grew as a challenger brand in the region.

With a passion that is unmatched and a commitment to differentiation that is unwavering, Brand Lounge has become the region’s top award-winning brand consultancy and a top branding consultancy in Dubai.

Hasan saw the potential of specializing in differentiated brand positioning. When searching for the tool for differentiation, he went straight to the source; the founder of brand positioning himself, Jack Trout. From that moment on, Brand Lounge became the designated partner of Trout & Partners in the Middle East, Africa, and India.

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We believe brands are developed in a multi-dimensional ecosystem which makes up a total brand experience. We call it the FOUR dimensions of Differentiation.

four dimensions
of differentiation






(The soul differentiator)

We believe The purpose dimension as the brand’s soul and how we differentiate on a higher level, it is about the fundamentals of what we stand for. The uncovered brand purpose is the guiding force behind a winning brand strategy. It answers the big question: Why do we exist?

The ideal purpose is composed of two parts, your Contribution as a brand & your Impact on the world around you. When clearly defined, brands are able to claim a unique and differentiated perception in the mind of the desired audience.


(The radical differentiator)

We believe the Innovation dimension is the radical differentiator that taps into the functional and operational side of the brand by shaping an innovative mindset within your organization. It answers “What do we do better and differently than our competitors?” We work with our partners to explore areas of differentiation based on 3 levels: Incremental, Business Model & Disruptive.


(The core differentiator)

We believe The culture dimension is the core differentiator of any winning brand; it’s about the leadership, people, and the shared values that govern the internal relationships, as well as the collective behavior. As Culture has a strong & direct impact on business performance and the external brand experience, We create tailormade culture & employer branding programs that help brands nurture unique work environments and attract future culture-fit talents.


(The shallow differentiator)

We believe The image dimension is what people see and hear, it’s the shallow, outer-appearance of brands and the reflection of their attributes and characteristics. It’s also how brands communicate what they stand for and what they offer differently. Our creative and marketing consultants ensure your brand purpose and strategy are well translated into a unique visual language and communication platforms.


We now have a network of special consultancies spanning over four continents, providing us with feet on the ground in 36 countries and an armoury of diverse, specialist needs.

  • Dubai,UAE

  • Shanghai, China

  • Central Asia, Caucasus

  • Delhi, India

  • Singapore

  • Manilla, Philippines

  • Madrid,Spain

  • Bucharest, Romania

  • Rome, Italy

  • Piaseczno, Poland

  • Vienna, Austria

  • Athens, Greece

  • Istanbul, Turkey

  • Minsk, Belarus

  • Moscow, Russia

  • Espoo, Finland

  • Cairo, Egypt

  • Cape Town, South Africa

  • Port Louis, Mauritius

  • Connecticut, USA

  • Mexico City, Mexico

  • Caracas, Venezuela

  • Bogota, Colombia

  • Ecuador, Peru

  • Buenos Aires, Argentina


We follow a proven 3-step methodology to uncover your point of differentiation and maximize your business & brand value.



The discovery phase is to understand the current state of the brand, it’s future plans and the market landscape.



We explore and uncover areas of differentiation in a collaborative co-creation workshop.



We differentiate your brand strategically, visually and through communication on various platforms.

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