Brand Breakfast Pilot Session

As part of Brand Lounge’s efforts to maximize reach and engage industry experts in rich conversations on brand building, we hosted our very first Brand Breakfast this week piloted through an invite-only session, hosted at One Life Kitchen & Café in Dubai Design District.
Our first edition was moderated by Mohamad Badr, Chief Strategy Office & Head of Growth at Brand Lounge. Mohamad was joined by panelists Marijke Beijer, Head of Marketing at Beema Insurance, alongside our Founder & CEO at Brand Lounge, Hasan Fadlallah, to discuss how brands are maximizing impact post-COVID; a topic that had been previously addressed through an in-depth White Paper written and published by Brand Lounge in 2020.
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During the session, we heard from Marijke on her experience launching Beema Insurance in the midst of the pandemic and on how the brand navigated every aspect of launch communications during such turbulent times. Hasan joined by emphasizing the importance of “Purpose” and “Culture” and how both can play a strong role as differentiators in buildings brands.
Our panelists further discussed the main priorities that businesses and brand-builders need to grasp, the value of building a strong internal culture during unprecedented times, and the importance of having an authentic and meaningful brand purpose.
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"You are your biggest competitor. You’re only as good as your last interaction with your customer,
that’s what you have to beat."

– Marijke Beijer

Furthermore, Hasan spoke on “Purpose” being the main challenge that he believes brands need to tackle. “Without a meaningful purpose, your brand has nothing, and your people have nothing to stand by”, says Hasan on the priority of asserting a true and authentic brand purpose that resonates with both a brand’s audience and its employees.


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An Amalgamation of the Digital
and Real World

Along with a strong purpose, businesses need to embrace the shift that “Culture” will take towards “digital” in order to truly maximize impact. Hasan shared his belief that the future will look like a “hybrid fusion between office & remote working – an amalgamation of the digital and real world”.

The morning was a great success with guests networking with likeminded professionals, asking the right questions, and sharing valuable insights. We look forward to future sessions in which will discuss the role of Culture, Innovation and Image in shaping strong, purposeful and sustainable brands.

The Brand Breakfast Knowledge Series is an on-going monthly event that aims to engage industry professionals through in-depth conversations on brand building and maximizing brand value. Hosted and moderated by Brand Lounge, this series will invite brand builders, design enthusiasts and business leaders to participate in panel discussions and interactive networking formats in an effort to enhance and maximize the conversation on “brand”.

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