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Brand Lounge, is a regional Branding and Marketing Strategist firm based in UAE - Dubai and Saudi Arabia - Riyadh. more
Brand Lounge, with ample experience in the field of branding and marketing communications across the Middle East and Africa region, is specialized in brand intelligence (research & brand audit) , brand strategy development, brand design and visual communication and brand activation. Our diversified experience in the different governmental and business industries like Healthcare, Real Estate, Sports, Retail and Corporates, is extensive, as we have succeeded in creating positive brand image and experience across all touch points in numerous national and international projects.

Brand Lounge is the designated partner of Trout & Partners Ltd in the Middle East & North Africa, one of the most prestigious global branding and strategy consultancy firms founded and headed by Jack Trout, the founding father of the concept of “Strategic Brand Positioning” - the global business theory that is considered the number 1 strategy used in business branding today. Brand Lounge is also the MENA representative of Brand Keys; the only research company in the world that is specialised in brand loyalty & engagement measures. less
Understanding where your brand is always the first step. Whether it is creating a new brand or redefining an existing one, research is the foundation on which all our strategies are built. Our proprietary methodology is tailored to fit every project and aims to quantify category drivers, assess customer loyalty & engagement.
A high equity brand drives market share, commands a price premium, augments customer relationships, helps an organization attract talent, and boosts stock prices. That is why our brand development approach always results in creating a differentiated brand positioning strategy and a robust brand architecture model.
The brand marks do not live on their own; they need to be put in context of a complete design system in order to communicate the brand messages. Our design and creative capabilities are always focused to develop the surrounding in which the visual identity lives and all the supporting design elements.
Since brands aim at changing perceptions and behaviors, they need to live in the hearts and minds of those who work for and with them; as such, we craft the right activation programs to engage and communicate the differentiated build brand image and experience across all internal and external touch-points.
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