The Four Dimensions of Differentiation

We see brands being developed in a multi-dimensional ecosystem, the sum of which is the Maximized Brand Experience.

Each of these four layers — Purpose, Culture, Innovation and Image — live in harmony with each other, eventually merging to bring to life a cohesive, strong, differentiated and maximized brand experience.
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The Soul Differentiator

The Purpose Dimension is the guiding force behind a winning strategy. A strong purpose is composed of a brand’s contribution and impact on the world. When clearly defined, this allows the brand to define its reason for existence and claim a unique and differentiated perception in the minds of its desired audience.

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The Radical Differentiator

The Innovation Dimension taps into the Incremental, Business Model and Disruptive aspects of a brand to answer the question “What do we do better and differently than our competitors?”.
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The Core Differentiator

The Culture Dimension defines how people behave. It’s about leadership, people, shared values and the collective behaviors that govern internal relationships. Brand Culture has a strong & direct impact on business performance and the external brand experience.
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The Shallow Differentiator

The Image Dimension is what people see and hear. It is the outer appearance of the brand and the manifestation of its attributes and personality traits on a visual and communication level.

The Three Stages to Maximization

Our end game is to maximize value. We achieve results through three critical stages.

Our methodology is as crucial to maximizing value as our philosophy is. Through a tried-and-tested three-step approach, we work with our clients to first Discover their brands and then Uncover what makes them different. We leverage these learnings to then Differentiate on a strategic, visual and communication level.
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Who Are You and Where do you Play?

At the beginning, we want to learn everything we can about your current brand, its plans for the future, and your market landscape.

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What Makes You Different?

Our second step is to uncover potential points of differentiation by using our curiosity and intuitive insights. Co-creation workshops accompany this step.

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How Do We Bring Out Your Differentiation?

Leveraging everything we’ve “discovered” and “uncovered”, we use this last stage to help differentiate your brand strategically, visually, and in appropriate communication and marketing channels.

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