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EMX, a subsidiary of the 7X Group, was established as its dedicated Courier, Express, and Parcel (CEP) arm to expand its reach in advanced logistics. The challenge was in creating a differentiated brand embodying EMX’s commitment to cutting-edge solutions and industry innovation.

We partnered with EMX to develop and implement a comprehensive brand strategy and identity, ensuring a successful launch that resonates with its core mission of creating seamless experiences and fostering a connected global ecosystem.

We aimed to develop a future-proof brand that exceeds customer expectations through innovation, speed, convenience, reliability, and trust; all critical attributes for success in advanced logistics.

Collaborating with stakeholders, we positioned EMX as a key player in the evolving CEP landscape, leveraging technology to redefine courier and parcel services for a global audience. This meticulously crafted brand identity ensures EMX’s readiness to navigate the rapidly changing logistics landscape.


Through a collaborative co-creation approach, we worked closely with EMX stakeholders to uncover the brand’s essence and ensure alignment with its vision. This process led to differentiating EMX as the seamless connector between businesses and consumers.

By strategically positioning EMX as the entity that seamlessly connects businesses to consumers, we developed a brand strategy that highlights its dedication to tailored logistics solutions for businesses and swift parcel delivery for everyone, reflected in its mission: “Deliver seamless experiences so your world is within reach.” 

This strategy emphasizes the creation of an interconnected ecosystem that transcends geographical boundaries, fostering a “World Within Reach” for its customers by tackling logistical challenges with innovative solutions.

The Logo

A Story in Three Acts

The EMX logo tells a compelling story linked to the brand’s purpose. Inspired by the three key stages of a parcel’s journey – origin, journey, and destination – the logo symbolizes the brand’s commitment to connecting people and delivering solutions.
The intentional use of three characters in EMX reflects these stages. The logo is part of a family of three primary brand marks, each serving a specific purpose.

Designed with a global audience in mind, the primary logo utilizes English as the primary language. Recognizing the diverse audience, the family also includes a bilingual logo featuring Arabic as a secondary logotype.

Brand Assets

Opening up access to the right destination


The Library

The EMX identity consists of a unique and ownable iconography style developed to compliment the brand’s visual assets and strength the memorability of the brand language.

The brand’s icons are inspired by the square shape of a typical parcel as well as by the construction of the EMX brandmark. 

Simplified Narrative

Defining Within Reach

Our Brand Slogan “Within Reach™” has been designed as a lockup in both English and Arabic. It is intended for usage in communication layouts, certain collaterals and packaging.

“Within Reach™” is derived from the brand’s purpose “We exist to deliver seamless experiences so that your world is Within Reach™.”

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