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With the equity of the existing NAMA logo, and looking at the way it is shaped, a natural migration presented itself, one that would amplify the NAMA purpose through its logo, while retaining existing highly equitable assets.

By bringing the logo elements together and creating a more cohesive entity, we managed to illustrate the concept of bridging – or closing – the gap. Overlapping the shapes that constituted the logo generated a stronger and more visually intricate shape.

Brand Lounge was approached to revisit the NAMA brand, including its strategy, positioning, brand architecture, and visual identity. Since its operations transcended geographical boundaries, this was part of an effort to modernize the NAMA brand and get it ready to tackle future challenges.

NAMA wanted to be perceived as a global non-profit organization working on closing the gender gap through specific initiatives and affiliates that tackle every slice of society, from entrepreneurship, education, and development, to contemporary crafts. The challenge was to reengineer a brand that appeals to partners, and also engage and connect with each of society’s slices. We were tasked with uplifting the existing visual identity system to reflect the above.

The new logo was complemented by a color palette that radiated an uplifting sense of self-respect, promoted compassion, kindness, and cooperation, all with a blend of optimism and energy.

The newly developed color palette projects an uplifting sense of self-respect, with a blend of optimism and energy. The choice of simple and modern typography outlined an understated and calm brand, while photography and graphic devices, mainly the play on the circle, added dynamism to make the brand look active.


Part of the overall branding exercise, Brand Lounge was tasked to work on the NAMA brand architecture. Relationship workshops were conducted with the NAMA leadership team, where different brand architecture scenarios were explored, and which led to a way-of-work matrix that was developed to leverage the NAMA brand’s point of differentiation.

Under the master NAMA brand, there were many types of disciplines divided into affiliates, initiatives and temporary or time-defined programs and sub-brands. The challenge was in organizing the above in an easy to grasp nomenclature and a structure that can be scaled at will.

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