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Created as the brainchild of two highly strategic entities in the healthcare industry – Salehiya & Ascend Healthcare Solutions, Digitum came to life in 2020 as a digitally driven healthcare brand to help elevate the way the Saudi digital healthcare system works. It is the future of healthcare, planning to reinvent the industry through value-based patient-centric turnkey solutions, and digitizing the patient experience journey by providing turnkey digital solutions and delivering productivity across labor, operations and asset utilization.

Digitum leverages global partners to create and deploy tailored solutions across the value chain; including but not limited to Infrastructure Solutions, Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT), Platform to co-develop Apps and on Premise & Cloud Based Solutions. Patients and healthcare professionals can access the right information at the right time to make the right decisions and, ultimately, deliver the right impact.


We had to address two main concerns. First, how to position Digitum in a differentiated manner that ensures there are no roadblocks in acquiring future stakeholder funds and their buy-in as well as getting access to the right talent pool. The second concern is how to create a brand identity that truly brings the strategy to life. An identity that is modern and appealing, and one that avoids ending up gimmicky or cliché. To bring the brand positioning and strategy to life, we created a ‘Purpose Action Plan’ and introduced a new set of brand actions:

Become the pioneers in transforming the way healthcare works in the region, become the first mover for new innovation in the region, become the go-to consultant for all healthcare-related challenges, by providing expert knowledge and partner solutions, and collaborate with stakeholders to bring value that addresses the real challenges in the digital sphere.

We wanted to create a solid and young, and dynamic brand, that amplified the ‘digital’ aspect. The positioning was summarized as “To solve Saudi Arabia’s most complex healthcare challenges so that we transform the healthscape across the Kingdom”.

To bring the identity concept to life, we had to remain mindful of Digitum as ‘a consultant’; meant to harness expertise and knowledge to guide people and push the boundaries of innovation. In short: Think Digital. Act Human.

The logo concept revolved around bringing the physical and digital universes together through data transfer.

The color palette was inspired by the collision between the human and digital world. Data is depicted by hues of blues, while the human aspect was translated in warmer tones in shades of reds.

The icons created embody of the emblem in the logo, where we defined each unit of Digitum with a unique pattern morphing from the emblem.

Digitum became the embodiment of a true start-up spirit, where challenges were welcome and devising solutions that truly solve healthcare needs in the digital space of the kingdom was at its core.
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