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Real Estate


Aldyar Alarabiya is a real estate developer that focuses on building affordable residential communities in the Kingdom. The brand was launched approximately 4 years ago and has managed to place itself amongst the top 10 real estate companies in the Kingdom.

Management of Aldyar Alarabiya realized that with their ambitious future goals, developing and building the right brand was crucial to generate better brand buy-in as well as help boost their marketing efforts. Seeking to be a pioneer in their field, Aldyar Alarabiya wanted to be unique in their service offering to accelerate their growth through professional and organized approach.


After the initial audits and benchmarks, and carefully understanding the target audience split, wants and needs, the generated narrative encapsulated the essence of the organization and its future vision: “We are a company young at heart. We understand the needs and challenges of the Saudi family of the future. Our commitment to design, quality, price and timely delivery all stem from this understanding. We believe that building a happy society starts by turning a house into a home. And there cannot be a home without a happy family giving it life. That is why building happy families is at the core of our purpose. We exist to invent innovative residential solutions so that we contribute to creating happy families.”

The initial concept of the new identity had to answer one question: What is a home? Home means an enjoyable happy place, where one can live, grow and learn. It’s a safe place, a shelter, a haven. A home is about a family circle and intertwined humans.

The logo illustrated the above by using the name’s initials in both Latin (the D and A) and Arabic (the “dal” and “aayn”). The Latin initials represent the traditional Saudi Arabia architecture and the Arab at heart, while the Arabic initials depict the intertwined happy family.
A balanced and fresh color palette was developed based on three main colors. These were complemented by different shades to form a secondary color palette
We matched the Arabic and Latin typefaces so they could work well together in style and rhythm. Both fonts are inspired from the curves and lines of the main logo symbol.
The values were illustrated using 5 brand elements inspired from the logo, each representing one of the Aldyar Alarabiya’s values.
The elements also evolved to form a dynamic pattern that can morph and change along the different applications.
The digital universe of Aldyar Alarabiya evolved to vehicle the new brand. Both the website and social media acted as vehicles for the brand values, almost always present in every aspect of communication.
Environmental design played a paramount role in promoting the brand internally and externally. The signage and wayfinding system became an intrinsic part of the overall brand language, using the color palette and graphic devices to integrate within the office space.
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