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Hayat Biotech was established as a joint-venture in 2021 between research driven pharmaceutical company, Sinopharm CNBG, and leading Abu Dhabi-based Artificial Intelligence & Cloud Computing company, G42.

To push the boundaries of science and technology, both entities joined forces to create Hayat Biotech, a UAE-based biotechnology entity, bringing the power of two great nations together in a relentless pursuit to break the barriers of science.

Our challenge was to help introduce a new player in the healthcare industry during the 2020 pandemic. As such, Brand Lounge positioned Hayat Biotech in a way that was differentiated amongst the established players in the market to help entice future business opportunities, and finally garner the trust of the general public during a time when public opinion on vaccines was polarized.


By positioning Hayat Biotech with the purpose of “challenging the barriers of science to reimagine the future of life”, we developed and designed a brand strategy and identity that was industry-relevant and culturally-aligned yet differentiated enough to stand tall and proud as a product of the powerful Chinese-Emirati relationship.

Through a series of collaborative workshops with a multitude of key stakeholders from both Sinopharm CNBG and G42, we understood the current state of the brand, the projected brand positioning, and aligned on objectives and the expected outcome of this project.

Throughout our relations with relevant stakeholders from both G42 and Sinopharm CNBG, we successfully managed to align with both parties on the strategic needs and objectives that were right for Hayat Biotech to exist as its own entity.

The Logo

A Window of Opportunity

Our visual identity was designed with a strong narrative in mind — one that reflects the true power of our brand’s purpose and simultaneously brings China and the UAE together under one powerful healthcare entity.

The Hayat Biotech logo tells a multi-layered story built upon four main factors; the intersection between nature, science, technology, and life, a window into a “reimagined” future, a hidden “H” and “B”, and finally a tilted intersection at a 13-degree angle, defining our challenger mindset and hinting at the brand’s ties to the ever-optimistic Chinese culture.

Furthermore, the logotype supporting the emblem was carefully crafted in English, Arabic and Mandarin to become an ownable asset for our brand and to strengthen the overall logo.

Color Palette

Colors for Science + Life

The Hayat Biotech color palette was carefully chosen to portray the essence of our brand’s identity and remain relevant to the healthcare industry cues that audiences are familiar with.

Biotech Blue was selected to represent the science behind our brand, Eco Jade was selected to balance the biotech aspect of our identity through nature and life, and Pure White serves as an underlying foundation color that communicates the clinical, contemporary and authentic nature of Hayat Biotech.


Four Pillars to Challenge Barriers

The unique logo cascades into an iconography style which was created to be used under two categories; pillar icons and descriptive icons – both of which follow similar styles and structures inspired by the construction of the logo’s emblem.

The pillar icons represent Hayat Biotech’s four primary product offerings; Biologics + Biosimilars, Diagnostics, Aesthetics and Animal Health.

Biologics + Biosimilars





A Window into the Future of Life​

The logo emblem, known as the “window” was eventually introduced as the hero supergraphic for the brand, supporting our identity as a canvas for communication, using the four quadrants to house content, imagery, and other potential graphics.

Photography Style

Visualizing Science + Life

Our chosen photography style was developed with three levels in mind to create a wider range of diversity and variety in communication. These levels are Medium to Wide Angles, Close-up Angles, and Extreme Close-up to Microscopic Angles.

In addition, we divided the library into two themes; Science and Life. 

The Science theme focuses on Hayat Biotech’s contribution as a brand showcasing the science and technology behind its products. The Life theme focuses on nature and humanity; revealing how the products positively affect and reimagine what the future of life can be.

The Website

A Portal to Science + Life

As part of the brand’s launch strategy, Brand Lounge was tasked with creating Hayat Biotech’s website as a digital expression of the brand identity, aligning it with the strategic positioning and purpose of the brand.

After a rigorous strategic exercise exploring the true purpose of the website and how to best utilize the channel, we designed a unique user experience that was manifested through a user interface that follows the brand’s design principles, mainly the ownable grid system.

In addition, the Brand Lounge team — after an in-depth tone-of-voice exercise — created all relevant content for the website that helped articulate the brand’s full narrative.

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