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Fresh Del Monte Produce, the leading supplier of fresh and pre-packaged food and beverage, introduced a farm-to-table concept that serves fresh grab-and-go products for convenience. Fresh Del Monte Produce was already in business and operating a limited number of quick-service restaurants (QSR) in the GCC in high catchment areas like hospitals and airports.

The Food & Beverage industry is a very fast-paced sector, where patrons are often looking for new and differentiated concepts, specifically targeting Millennials. They are always on the lookout for the next new thing and in constant search for an experience that leaves a lasting impression.



After an in-depth market analysis of the QSR industry, and look at competitors, we discovered that providing the target audience with fresh yet convenient food on the go was the ultimate goal. Our key challenge was to create a unique, differentiated, and ownable name, as well as an identity that works for the QSR restaurant. The strategy revolved around the key target audience, the working-class Millennials. Drawing insights from their wants and needs, we concluded that they are very conscious about their food and choosing healthy options. To engage with them, we had to speak their language. Their conversation came in the form of a language that kept up with their fast-paced lifestyle. Numbers would replace words, and words would omit letters. So, we adapted the language of “generation-text” or GNR8N TXT.

We then mapped out all the players against the naming convention to give us an indication on which territory most competitors are claiming. Thereafter, we evaluated names against parameters on the validation matrix, and, based on the analysis results, eliminated a few of the conventions which we felt did not represent the new restaurant.

Being a Fresh Del Monte Produce brand, it was necessary to associate the new brand with the parent brand. The new brand name drew inspiration from the concept of a “street”, which we called “FRESH STREET”. We used the “generation-text” concept to write the brand name. 

That’s how the name FRSHst came to life, a modern, minimalistic and hipster concept for the Millennials, that brings about a source of delightful enrichment. With this idea in mind, choosing an urban and modern style of street signage, was our starting point.

The color palette of the brand was inspired by the fresh food ingredients and produce. Each of the colors were carefully selected to harmoniously work together.

We adopted a typeface that best fits the various design elements as well as resonate with the Millennials’ mindset. We were confident that the typeface needed to be sans-serif; as street signs and cellphone message chats are all using similar typeface styles. We also needed to ensure that the typeface was ownable and differentiated.

We opted for “UNICA ONE”, a condensed unicase sans-serif typeface. It is flexible enough to allow for headlines and short texts, where readability and simplicity are paramount. We made the typography ownable by changing the letter “S”, and added a leaf in the shape of a sprout, as a graphic element.

The developed pattern follows the same rules of construction as the icons, using the leaf sprout as the guiding inspiration for brand identity.
We created icons inspired from the single sprout shape used in the logo. Each icon represents a zone or area within the retail space. The horizontal baseline, under the icons, is derived from the line under the super-scripted “ST” in the logo. Upon our recommendation, the names of the areas and zones were changed to fit the brand strategy.
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