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Evvoli is a home appliances brand positioned around the breakthrough idea of design by evolution and growth by innovation. The new brand was added to a portfolio of strong brands competing in a fierce low-end market, and targets the new generation of free and smart buyers who are seeking a brand that reflects their own individuality and lifestyle.

Evvoli is a mix of human-centric technology and modern design approach that inspires people to evolve for life. The home appliances and electronics category is one of the most competitive industries with very thin margins, and sole dependency on production partners for quality assurance and innovation.

MASA trading, our client in this exercise, owns two successful brands – Star X (Tv’s and receivers) and General max (AC’s), playing in the low-end segment and targeting regional distributors. Both brands are facing substantial pressure from copycats and other Chinese players.

The management decided to be progressive in their thinking by creating a new brand that plays in a different segment and move the business into the future with better designs, better technology and modern branding.



Evvoli was built on a unique positioning – the idea of design by evolution, where we can make things better through vision and the concept of growth by innovation, and where we can redefine the future.

After in-depth research to understand industry drivers, the future trends shaping technology, psychographic segmentation of buyers, and a deep-dive into their interests, behavior and buying journey, Evvoli was born with a unique and invented name that merges the idea of evolution and life.

The brand concept, with its mix of art and design thinking, is about transformation and movement. Everything in this world – earth, nature, humans and technology – are in a constant state of evolution. Our creative approach was inspired by a movement that, through every design, depicts evolution. There, we witness movement in sound, vision, art, and life.

The emblem depicts the first two letters of Evvoli, E&V. Shaped in an endless spiral, the emblem gives the impression of a continuous movement, with no stops or ending.

The typography was designed and constructed to project Evvoli’s thinking as technology pioneers.

The colors used are inspired from those of nature, the vibrancies of our world, the Italian streets buildings, the shades of sunsets, and wall graffiti.


The Evvoli brand was born to send a message to humans who are always in a constant of movement. The brand was released in Q2 2018, it has been registered all over the world as a trademark.

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