Merging More than Assets

M&A’s magic trick? Merging cultures, not just assets. Prioritize brand alignment early to unlock hidden value. This white paper reveals actionable steps to weave brand thinking into your M&A journey. Cohesion, not chaos, awaits.

War! What is it good for?

It might sound a little off-course to contemplate war from a brand point of view. But, think again. The ‘power of war’ has been likened to the ‘power of brand’ for millenia. In our latest whitepaper, we explore the ‘Brand of War’ through the lens of our Four Dimensions of Differentiation.

EXPO 2020 & The Power of Purpose

EXPO 2020 was designed as a celebration of resilience and resolve – resilience in the face of obstacles, and the resolve to bring a vision to life. It stood as a victory over a pandemic that brought everyone to their knees and paralyzed the globe; but not the U.A.E. – not Dubai. In this White […]

Post Covid-19 Storm

For years, reputable business schools have been developing methods for crisis management, quoting cases from big impact brands. Many organizations had plans and teams in place. However, no organization saw this one coming, let alone be ready for it. The coronavirus pandemic was experienced more as a “life quake”, unlike any other crisis in recent […]

Branding Healthcare

Back in 2017, the healthcare expenditure in the GCC was estimated to reach $104.6 billion in 2022. Now, all the pre-COVID-19 assumptions are vaporizing in thin air, and everyone is back to the drawing board. How will the healthcare industry cope with a shift that was uncalled for? How will it adapt to the changes […]

Branding Food & Beverage

The food & beverage sector is one of the most profitable in the region. A 2017 report estimated that the industry in the GCC will reach a value of 34 billion US dollars. But that was 2017. The Coronavirus outbreak had other plans. The silver lining is that, while innovation would have been initiated anyways, […]

Family Business

Family businesses in the Arab world have undergone dramatic mutations. It started with the family’s patriarch building a business and rallying the family around to help grow the market. Following the oil and gas boom and the influx of cash, family businesses shifted to a higher gear by expanding the organization’s operation into sponsoring and acquiring other […]

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