About Us


Brand Lounge is an award winning regional branding consultancy & the designated partner of ‘Trout & Partners’ in the Middle East & Africa with over a decade of global experience in maximizing value through uncovering the point of differentiation in competitive markets.


    We value diversity as the cornerstone of our thinking and culture. Our creative team hails from all over the globe and is able to offer different perspectives in our work. We also take pride in the diverse range of clients and their diverse needs that we represent.
  • Commitment
    We are passionate about branding, committed to the brands we represent, and providing our clients with impeccable advisory and trusted guidance. By stamping our name on our work, we are committed to building differentiated brands, not just our clients, but we ourselves can take pride in.
  • Insightfulness
    Building differentiated brands require deep thinking and foresight. We start with an inside-out audit followed by an outside-in assessment that gives us the business intelligence and insights to create a smart brand that is truly differentiated from the rest.
  • Efficiency
    We aim to operate at peak efficiency so that we can deliver the same level of service across the board. We follow clear processes and we continue to adopt the latest in strategies, design thinking and technologies to ensure we can do more with less and support you on a timely basis.