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The role of digital in the world of branding

The role of digital in the world of branding

OK, so what do you really know about digital? I mean all that techie stuff that’s buzzing away behind the images on your screen. The programmes and processes that push, what may start as inquisitive peek into Google along a pipeline, to become the sales lead that falls into the in-box of your CRM platform. That’s marketing in a nutshell, after all!

We’ve come a long way in a very few years in developing software and platforms that do all kinds of clever stuff to generate and nurture leads. Unless you are a techie you can’t be expected to be intimate with it all, but even if you don’t grasp the how, to make a success of your business every marketer needs to have an idea of what’s possible.

To have any hope of success today your brand has to be designed for the digital environment and for most businesses these days that means calling in the experts. Becoming a digital brand isn’t just about creating a FaceBook page, nor even automating your internal processes. In fact most of the processes that worked for you BD (Before Digital) aren’t going to cut it in the new world. Digital makes possible things that you hadn’t even previously thought of. Digital transformation means starting again for many businesses, it certainly requires you to look at business a different way and will almost certainly mean new products made possible by new structures and processes. If you are going to set out on this path (and frankly, you don’t have any option if you want to stay in business) you are going to have to find a digital consultancy (not a design shop digital or advertising agency) that knows how to leverage all that the digital world has to offer.

Because businesses today are driven by brands, that’s where you have to start. Designing a digital brand means creating an environment where pretty much everything is digital and that includes assembling that digital pipeline I mentioned earlier. To do that, things like using protocols to encapsulate data, manipulating it using code and understanding the principles of Data inheritance across clusters have to be familiar friends. Keeping up? Of course you aren’t and that’s OK because that’s what people like me do. So relax, all you need to know is what outcomes we are capable of generating for you and over the next few weeks I’ll be taking some of the common pipeline processes and explaining how a tech geek like me can add more power to your marketing elbow.

We’ll cover subjects from Digital Trends and its impact on business and society to Best Practices when dealing with user knowledge and communication and everything in-between. This would be explained in a way that your grandmother can understand and hopefully even if she can’t you’ll have enough of an understanding at the end of all this to brief and manage the process of digital brand development that your organisation is going to depend on for survival in the new digital paradigm.

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