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gold into cold

04 July 2022

Transform caught up with Brand Lounge’s Ibrahim Lahoud and Mo Saad to uncover the secrets of their work with cold logistics company Coco.

Mohamad Badr

06 June 2022

Mohamad Badr, chief strategy officer and head of growth, outlines his belief that business strategy must follow brand strategy - not the other way around.

Mo Saad

13 May 2022

Mo Saad, head of design and creative impact, describes how brand identity is evolving and how it might change in the future with the advent of the metaverse.


17 March 2022

We hosted our very first Brand Breakfast this week piloted through an invite-only session, hosted at One Life Kitchen & Café in Dubai Design District.


14 February 2022

After a solid 15 years of regional and global success, we’re taking things to the next level.

Our New Identity

14 February 2022

As we continue to expand our reach and discover new markets, tap into new industries, and embrace extraordinary talent, we head towards maximization.

Creating Emotional Connections

25 January 2022

“A brand is the set of expectations, memories, stories, and relationships that, taken together, account for a consumer’s decision to...

Brand Fonts: How to Choose the Right One

23 January 2022

The typefaces that you choose for your brand logo play a huge role in communicating your brand message to your...

Brand Repositioning: 4 Things to Know Before You Start

23 January 2022

As a brand, staying relevant to your audience is vital. If you are not continuously making significant updates and modifications...

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