Culture Shock: Why Your Brand Needs a Strong Culture to Succeed

Your culture is your brand

  Culture shock is a phenomenon typically associated with travel and experiencing new environments.  However, it can easily be applied to other contexts beyond personal adventures. In the business world, when an organization lacks a strong and cohesive brand culture, it can experience a form of culture shock.  This article explores the importance of a […]

Branding Healthcare

Back in 2017, the healthcare expenditure in the GCC was estimated to reach $104.6 billion in 2022. Now, all the pre-COVID-19 assumptions are vaporizing in thin air, and everyone is back to the drawing board. How will the healthcare industry cope with a shift that was uncalled for? How will it adapt to the changes […]

Brand Repositioning: 4 Things to Know Before You Start

As a brand, staying relevant to your audience is vital. If you are not continuously making significant updates and modifications to your brand, you simply won’t keep up with the fast-evolving market and your competitors in the industry. If, for example, you are introducing a new merger or acquisition, you might need to reposition your […]

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