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Emirates Post Group Company (EPG) is a Public Joint Stock Company under the Emirates Investment Authority (EIA) operating as a commercial entity across the seven emirates. It manages and oversees its postal operational division- Emirates Post, FINTX, its fintech arm, its digital solution provider (EDC), and more.

Emirates Post Group recognized the significant interdependence of trade, transport, and logistics. To transform their existing legacy brand, they partnered with Brand Lounge. Our task was to rebrand and create a new identity for the Emirates Post Group. Our strategic approach and philosophy led to the birth of the new brand identity: 7X and its renewed purpose of driving trade, transport, and logistics to new heights and navigating the future with confidence.

Our goal was clear: differentiate 7X in a way that honored its heritage as the Emirates Post Group while advancing it into a future where it owned and incubated subsidiaries across its industries, anticipating technological evolution and leveraging a culture of constant progress and innovation.


Using our co-creation approach, we collaborated closely with key stakeholders to delve into the essence of 7X, understanding its past, present, and future aspirations. This collaborative effort involved extensive workshops with 7X leadership and relevant partners, aligning on objectives and expected outcomes.


By positioning 7X with the purpose of “Incubating a network of solutions in Trade, Transport and Logistics to enable a world in motion” we developed and designed a brand strategy and identity that was industry-relevant and culturally aligned yet differentiated enough to stand tall and proud as a product of the powerful vision of the UAE.

We aimed to communicate a robust ecosystem that nurtures innovation, collaboration, and progress in these vital sectors. Hence, 7X is positioned as a future-proof ecosystem that fosters socio-economic development, promotes global connectivity, and supports the success of partners and stakeholders, to enable a world in motion.

The Logo

A Window of Opportunity

This visual language we developed underlines 7X’s positioning as a forward-looking brand and leading entity; one that’s youthful, vibrant, and eternally future-bound.
Picture a bustling city center, alive with perpetual motion—cars streaming, people bustling—a city that never sleeps. That’s 7X: a driving force that keeps the wheels of trade, transport, and logistics in constant motion, not just within the UAE but resonating globally.

The 7X logo is a testament of their purpose. The angular typeface is bold and insinuates
acumen while the displacement in the letter X depicts forward motion.
This alpha-numeric wordmark sets the tone of the establishment of foresight and agility.

Brand Assets

Embracing the pulse of a world in perpetual motion.

Graphic Elements

Rippling Through...

The Brand’s true purpose is to enable a world forever in motion. Their unique ability to keep the wheels turning propels us to a commanding position, not just within the UAE but also on the global stage. And as we set the world in motion, we don’t just create localized impacts; we ignite a global Motion effect.

Drawn by the cascade of these Motions, we’ve crafted a visual identity that seamlessly melds aesthetics with motion. This identity pays homage to our sovereign roots while infusing a dash of innovation and artistic flair. 

It forms a unique, unmistakable visual language that’s as dynamic and captivating as the ever-moving world we serve. This is evident through our unique take on graphics, typography and imagery.

The Photography of 7X is spread across 5 verticals: Trade, Transport, Logistics, Culture and Technology. Each vertical has a library of images that enhance our language. The common thread across all 5 verticals is that the photography uses dark themes and night-time imagery that mimic our color palette.

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