Introducing Our New Identity

Uncovering our Max


After a solid 15 years of regional and global success, we remain the leading brand consultancy in the Middle East, delivering differentiated brand positionings. As we continue to expand our reach and discover new markets, tap into new industries, and embrace extraordinary talent, we head towards maximization.

Our purpose has always been strong, focused on uncovering your point of differentiation to maximize value. Today, we’re maxing up our own efforts through a refreshed visual identity that reflects who we’ve become and our ambitions for growth.

A Journey of Self-discovery

As we embarked on this journey of self-discovery, we used our own tried-and-tested methodologies to uncover our own unique attributes. We found that our differentiation is maximization. With that truth unveiled, our purpose narrative had to shift focus to our impact enabling us to speak louder in areas of maximization.

Who are we? What do we own? What differentiates us? These were some of the deeper questions we asked ourselves as we uncovered the true meaning behind our identity. Brand is what we do and who we serve. The Lounge on the other hand is where we do it all; it’s the space where we differentiate and maximize; it’s the space that differentiates us and is ours to own.

Our Logo

A Logo for Maximum Impact

With that revelation in mind, our logo is designed to hero the space where insights are uncovered, design-thinking blossoms and stories unfold. 

The L in Lounge is designed as a unique and ownable shape that maximizes beyond its expected area, simply yet effectively highlighting our true value and impact.

With a digital-centric design at the core, our logo is ever-maximizing; shape-shifting and expanding its reach in relevant channels.

The Maximizer

A Graphic of Imaginative Expression

Directly inspired from the letter L in our logo, The Maximizer is an ownable and highly differentiating graphic device that enables a simple yet powerful means to tell our story of expansion, enhancement and magnification. It gives us maximum capacity to build brand association through our name and design elements.

The Maximizer is bold and has a stand-out appeal. It’s a reflection of our own people, The Brand Lounge Maximizers.

Our Colors

A Brighter Personality

Our colors further reflect our personality, highlighting our unmatched approach to delivering impactful brand strategies and creative solutions. Purple takes the lead, reflecting our differentiation and progressiveness. Coral Red follows suit to bring out our energy and passion towards what we do. Our secondary palette balances it all out speaking to our smart and committed people.
Our Typography

An Amplified Character

And if all else wasn’t special enough, we introduced a unique and impactful typography developed with maximization in its structure. As a bilingual variable font that allows us to expand characters as necessary, Okaso by 29LT serves as the most ideal selection for our identity, further maximizing our narrative and bringing out our true selves.

Flexibility and Agility

In correlation with our own values and behaviors, we intended for our visual language to be flexible and agile, taking shape and form in relevant contexts. The Maximizer has infinite potential to morph and flex into diverse patterns and colors, serve as a canvas of imagination and embed itself into unexpected narratives. We don’t just see it as a graphic but rather as a work of art echoing beauty and engaging viewers in meaningful stories.


An Identity for Maximum Reach

Human-first. Digital-centric. That’s how we see our new language. Our brand is one of Max People, Max Synergy, Max Potential and Maximum Heart. Our identity stays relevant to regional markets yet transcends borders through contemporary assets with maximum appeal.

This new identity is ours to own; it allows us to expand, achieve and reach industries across the globe for the years to come. We are maximizing for today and a differentiated future.

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