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What The World is Saying About Egypt Air’s World Cup Branded Livery

What The World is Saying About Egypt Air’s World Cup Branded Livery

Airline branding represents an instrumental brand tactic to present a country’s identity on a global juncture. With 2018 World Cup fever beginning to take the world by storm, Egypt Air, Egypt’s national airline brand, has just revealed a customized livery inspired by the event. Creatives and Strategists from Superunion, Landor, Interbrand and Brand Lounge have reviewed the Egypt Air’s branded livery for The Brandberries.

Hasan Fadlallah – Founder and CEO at Brand Lounge 

Visual Identity has a strong impact in building the image of a brand. The elements of visual identity, if well created, communicate with its targeted audience in the way that enables emotional bonding. Visual identity of a national airline company is of great importance for its recognition in the market, but at the same time for promoting different values of a country it represents. It is defined as a system of recognizable and consistent visual presentations of a company based on which market recognition is achieved.

Nation-states have historically used various forms of persuasion to advance their political, economic, and cultural agendas. Nation branding programs can be directed at both domestic and international audiences, as it seeks to reconstitute nations both at the levels of ideology and experience of the reality of nationhood.

Although national identity differs from corporate identity, in the case of Egypt Air’s FIFA World Cup 2018 branding there is a thin line between the 2 theories; as Egypt Air is a national carrier despite its commercial mandate. As an Egyptian ambassador to the world, it is expected that the airline would act as a «bridge to the world» to connect people and cultures together, and project the positive attributes and attractions of Egypt . This has not been visually translated on the design level. Mohamad Salah is an Egyptian treasure and an inspiring international football player, hence it should not come as a surprise to see him widely positioned and visually portrayed in the design of Egypt Air’s latest FIFA world cup 2018 branding, yet the remaining design elements and messages could have better projected Egypt and promoted its touristic attractions and amplified its positive image to the world instead of turning it into a prominent commercial space for advertisers to flaunt their logos.

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