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Top 5 Brand Trends for 2019

Top 5 Brand Trends for 2019

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For Brand Lounge, 2019 is the Year of Differentiation, we have been witnessing some major changes in the way we connect and perceive brands and how we experience the world around us. This year, at Brand Lounge we have uncovered 5 Brand Trends that will shape our understanding of the branding world. These trends are answering strategic questions on how do we stand out in this distracting world while being meaningful and authentic.

This year and beyond, branding by association is going to become more essential for the success of any collaboration. We will witness a transformation to a new B2B – Corporate Brands to Personal Brands. A clear shift in the role of influencers and how they are going to claim a more structured image.

Hasan Fadlallah – Founder & CEO

The second trend for 2019 is the dethroning of the King – Content. We are approaching a time where content is no longer the sovereign, but actually the servant. The best way to have your content seen is to cater to your target audience, not the other way around. The third trend is the Dawn of Interactive Experiences. People no longer want to be spectators, they want to be immersed and have more control.

Netflix raised the bar with Black Mirror’s new feature film, Bandersnatch, where you decide the journey and outcome of the plot. Brand purpose can no longer be a promise that is set aside as a statement and not activated. This is the fourth trend we focus on this year. It’s not just a catchphrase; it is the heart of the business strategy to drive long-term sustainable growth.

And finally, we talk about Differentiation. This is more than just a trend. It’s a change in behavior for any company or business to thrive in the future. If you do not differentiate, you don’t stand a chance to compete in the overloaded world of corporate and personal brands.

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