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Ensuring your company culture and your brand are synonymous

Ensuring your company culture and your brand are synonymous

Three Steps to Ensuring Your Company Culture and Your Brand Are Synonymous

The more intensely and extensively companies grow, the easier it is for employees to become disconnected with the core vision, mission and values that the organization was founded upon.  Employee engagement is not merely an HR function, it is a strategy model and must be inbuilt into the company’s culture for a sustainable brand.

Is your employee engagement strategy effective?

There are many management approaches to growing company culture, but how many of them are truly effective and how many of them are simply checking items off a list of yearly objectives?

A plethora of major companies continuously miss-read their employees through a lack of communication and feel they are fulfilling their corporate duties by resolutely rolling out the annual sports day.

This issue is even more apparent in organizations with multiple tiers of employees, classified by varying technical abilities and pay grades.  How are you speaking to each of these groups directly, ensuring a clear understanding of their diverse needs and motivations?  Rewarding a minimum-wage employee with a game of golf is not going to have the same response as it would to a well-paid executive.

Brand Lounge addresses these inherent issues by creating bespoke platforms for clients that emulate the individual behaviors, cultural observations and motivations of their employees.  A specific example of this was the extensive integration process that followed the rebranding of AIMS Holding after more than eighty years of operation.

The new brand identity was a large departure for all stakeholders, but it was a critical milestone to pave the way for the future success of the company.  AIMS’s radical reinvention was not purely aesthetic, it started with the renaming of the brand and proceeded to realign the core internal structure and operations of the company.

Needless to say, it was crucial for the upper management to have consensus and buy-in from all internal stakeholders and for a matrix of fail-safe procedures to be created to preempt any weak-links.

It was for this specific purpose that our team of strategists at Brand Lounge devised the AIMS Ambassador initiative, an internal engagement platform that consisted of a series of interactive employee touch points over a year long period.

The platform included communication tools for special occasions such as Ramadan, allowing AIMS to connect with their employees in a very informal and personal way that helped resonate the message that they are working for a company that shares their values.  It also included interactive competitions to trigger a sense of achievement and zest for success between staff members.  All of the tailor made initiatives were meticulously designed to fit AIMS’s new strategy, including its core pillars, values and brand promise.

Whilst AIMS is an impeccable example of a bespoke employee platform, there are numerous ready-made solutions for internal engagement, that are customizable and quick to launch.  Tools like the award winning Co-Factor have been designed specifically with employee engagement in mind, complemented by a set of features and benefits that can be tailored to each organizations unique needs.  However, we urge you to select wisely as securing effective employee buy-in requires great vision and commitment.  If you are still unsure however, we have highlighted three key points to take into consideration.

Establishing your company culture in your brand

As a team focused on the authentic branding of companies, we have gained great insight into the heart of organizations and the core motivations of their internal stakeholders.  The value proposition is clear; a transparent and healthy internal culture translates directly into a robust, attractive and sustainable external culture that consumers naturally connect with.

Here are three steps that we recommend all of our clients to implement at the core of their identity.

Empower your employees

Your employees are some of the greatest assets your brand has.  Empower your employees to become brand ambassadors, engaging with the company and assimilating a feeling of ownership.  Let them be proud to be associated with the success of your firm.   You can do this by giving them autonomy on certain projects or allowing them to contribute to the brands social media presence. Deliver relevant training if necessary and create an easy to read content policy that they can follow.  You will be amazed by the transformational stories that will arise from such simple steps.

Listen to your employees

Your employees are the most abundant crowdsourcing platform available to your brand, offering a powerful insight into both internal and external issues.  They have a vested interest in the success of the firm and will be able to shine a light on the detailed workings of the day-to-day operations that may escape your attention on a more strategic level.  They will also be able to tell you the reality of how your brand is perceived by customers.  Organize regular, informal team lunches or activities to show your appreciation and provide a relaxed environment for feedback.

Reward them for speaking up and for contributing constructive ideas to discussions.  Many manufacturing companies hold competitions where their employees can submit ideas to increase productivity or safety levels.  These competitions are an important PR tool to demonstrate the high caliber of your employees.  Ensure you pay attention to what has been said and create a framework of implementation so that they can actually see results.  An open door policy is a highly effective way of continuing the dialogue, encouraging openness, transparency and respect across upper management and employees.

Stretch your employees

Demonstrate the trust and performance culture that your brand stands for.  A desire to progress is an innate human characteristic that transcends all levels of society.  Provide your employees with a progression plan that clearly charts out the incremental levels that they can achieve within the company and what they need to do to ascend to each one. Be as detailed as possible and make sure to honor the commitment when the employee has achieved the required criteria.

Review their performance on a monthly basis and acknowledge when they have made significant progress towards a goal.  The annual appraisal should just be a recap.  Suggest relevant training schemes or awards that they could work towards.  This will add transferable value to them as individuals and for the organization.  Industry awards are especially prestigious, adding considerable credibility to a company’s brand.

Brand Lounge’s deployment is the fifth stage in our methodology, where we ensure the success of the brands launch internally and externally.  This step ensures the sustainable prosperity of our clients and is the point of differentiation between them and less successful brands.  If creating a solid foundation for you company and your employees to prosper sounds like something you’d be interested, contact us today for a chat about how you can take your company to the next level.

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