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Predicting by the Numbers

Predicting by the Numbers

We take the word “predictive” very seriously, always careful to say that our loyalty and engagement metrics predict positive consumer behavior in the market place, but that our methodology is not a market model, as a brand can do a myriad of things that cause consumers to become otherwise engaged or to lose profits. However, independent third party validations have shown our loyalty metrics to correlate at extraordinary levels with profits, which brands find quite comforting as they face the ever-evolving consumer.

The recent article from The Atlantic Monthly, “Why Content Isn’t King: How Netflix Became America’s Biggest Video Service–Much to the Astonishment of Media Executives and Investors,” speaks to the surprising profitability of Netflix, at least to those who make their living predicting such things.

We were less surprised, as our predictions are based on what consumers say are the brands that do the best job of meeting their expectations in the category – both emotionally and rationally.

This little detail, measuring emotion, is often what trips up those who measure using numbers and business tactics as their guide. We invite you to read the article and draw your own conclusions LINK. In the meantime, order your stock predictions with a side of real loyalty metrics – if it’s profit you’re after, that is.

by Dr. Robert Passikoff
Brand Keys, Inc. partner of
BrandLounge in the Middle East

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