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And the Oscar for Engagement Goes to. . .

And the Oscar for Engagement Goes to. . .

With the Oscars coming up, we conducted our annual Academy Awards Ad Engagement Study to see who’ll be winning the advertising portion of the program.

To see which brands will take home their Oscars for Engagement this year – as well as some odds on which movies and stars will win the big categories this Sunday – we invite you to read our Forbes column, The Academy Award Winners And Losers. Odds For Movies And Odds For Ads.

As this is the Academy Awards, you can almost hear Dietz & Schwartz’s famous song, “That’s Entertainment” playing in the background. You know the tune. It starts like this:

A clown with his pants falling down,
Or the dance that’s a dream of romance,Or the scene where the villain is mean.That’s entertainment!

But it’s not engagement!

Or at least, not brand engagement. And this year the odds of ads engaging versus entertaining turned out to be lower than ever before.

Over and over again Brand Keys has found that engaged consumers are six times more likely to behave positively towards a brand, which, we’d point out, are much better than usual odds.

The world may be a stage, and the stage may be a world of entertainment, but if it’s your brand we’re talking about, bet your money on engagement.

Enjoy the show!
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