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One Logo to Rule Them All

One Logo to Rule Them All

Few household names have global brand recognition like McDonalds, Nike and Starbucks, but what makes these brands so timeless and recognizable?The digital revolution heralded unimaginable developments in the way we function as humans with the internet largely removing borders, connecting people and businesses.

Historically, a company’s competition would be restricted to the town in which it was situated, now a manufacturing company in Sweden is competing for the same clients as a manufacturing company in Australia.

Our markets may have become global, but our human nature is still very local. The basic human needs have not changed.  We still crave human contact and a sense of our own community, but now we are seeking to replicate that familiarity and ownership in the online space.

Personalization, engagement and targeting having become the buzz words of this generation.

However, the fact that so many people now view the world through a smart phone screen the size of a business card, has spelled even more complex challenges for brands.

Facebook recently reported that in a 24-hour period, the average user views 27 hours of content.  This seemingly implausible statistic is made possible by users ferociously swiping through their news feed, only stopping on content that catches their attention.  This ‘thumb stopping content’ has an audition time of only 3 seconds, before users decide whether or not they want to engage.

Designers now have to communicate a brand’s entire ethos in 3 seconds, in order to engage their target audience.  Not only does this demand that logos to be simple, but they must be versatile, across multiple digital channels and platforms, on increasingly smaller screens.

Interestingly though, there has been a reversal of this trend in recent years with larger models like the iPhone 6s Plus becoming more popular.  Manufacturers and users alike are discovering the balance between convenience and functionality.

The team at brand lounge continue to push back against the crushing need for simplicity and instead, evolve the meaning of “simple.”  Simple does not have to mean boring.  Simple must still exude personality and meaning, it must still communicate the brands core values and above all be instantly recognizable and recallable.

As a branding consultancy, we work with clients to approach brands as a holistic process.  Your logo is the distilled down essence of your brand and therefore can not be created in isolation.

The need for logos to be scalable, has always been understood. But our perception of “small” has changed.  Now, in some cases “tiny” is being rather generous. Dimension and detail are necessarily removed to simplify the user experience and actually enable them to absorb your message on smaller and smaller screens.

We have responded to the harsh requisites of mobile devices in a variety of ways:

  1. Colors must be lighter and brighter. Logos need to capture the attention of the user and subconsciously refresh their mind after intense periods of newsfeed scanning.
  1. Typographic solutions must be simple. The 3 second engagement window dictates that the brain must absorb text immediately. There is no time to contemplate or interpret symbols. The innate ability for the human brain to analyze images quickly is why traffic to visual platforms like Instagram and Youtube is booming.
  1. Designs must be simpler, but more meaningful. Solutions are less reliant on exact, specific shapes and instead they focus on communicating the brands message with energy and emotion.

The design team at Brand Lounge are enamored by human nature and always seek to gain greater understanding of people’s wants and needs.  Technology is a gift to any brand but it also presents intense demands.  As with all things, it’s about balance. When anything pushes people too far one way, the natural reaction is to push back.

Never forget who your business is made to serve.  Stay true to your core message and reinforce it at every touch point.  Your logo represents your brand and everything you stand for, make sure it is honest, reliable and consistent.

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