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How to Win The Engagement War: Factors to Consider

How to Win The Engagement War: Factors to Consider

Successful businesses know that to thrive (and not just survive) in the highly competitive environment of the Middle East business hub, it’s an absolute requirement that they should know how to create and strengthen customer loyalty and engagement, both of which are highly reliant on effective branding.

However, branding is still one of the most misunderstood business building methods today. As the best branding companies in Dubai have proven for so long, branding isn’t about being the loudest or having the most in-your-face visibility. There’s an art and science to it, and a solid, integrated approach should be applied.

Fortunately, there are factors that have already been established as the most influential drivers to better brand engagement. Companies can start by trying to identify, understand and apply the following concepts that shape business branding today:

The true definition of brand engagement. In this age of social media, it’s easy to assume that products that receive the greatest attention are the most successful. Branding agencies know that engagement isn’t measured merely by the number of fans, likes, retweets, reposts, etc. As with any mode of marketing, successful branding is determined by measurable results. The real test of a branding strategy is if it leads to increased sales, profitability and lifetime customer loyalty.

The power of the story. People are wired to connect through storytelling, and the most effective brand agencies are aware that every line, photo, image or campaign a business makes contributes to the story. A story is more than just writing good copy – it’s made up of the emotions, values, visuals and voices that make up the brand. The most effective branding strategy weaves the brand story seamlessly through every brand material, from logo to the website color scheme to online promos to offline events and more.

The influence of the image. In a space where content is king, visuals rule. Text content is still a primary driver, and the website content, articles, press releases, and other written materials a company publishes have a direct effect to the visibility and credibility of the brand. But these can be more effective if complemented by strategic image production as more and more studies show that people are moved more by visuals and audio-visual media than ordinary, text-based content.

Good, strong brands are able to create that vital emotional connection with target audience. They present a clear and meaningful value to their customers. It’s no mean feat to establish a strong brand, and the task gets more challenging as the market grows more complex each day. With the help of the right branding agency, organizations can make use of the most useful tools and information to make sure their branding strategy gets them the results that they are looking for.

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