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The Euro University of Bahrain Township

The Euro University of Bahrain Township

“A Place Where Great Minds Meet”

Bahrain is in the process of opening its doors to a new community – one built on education and the idea of personal improvement. A place to be exceptional.

The Euro University of Bahrain Township is an establishment of education – embracing the best of Western education and opening new platforms for the growth of students, EUB is strategically positioned in the heart of the Gulf and represents a haven for future generations of students and businesses around the region and beyond. It is about far more than a private education – the promise made by EUB is that they will “help you become what you always knew you could be”.

This unique community will serve as a bridge for students from the region, the east and the Asian sub-continent to the west with the university acting as a melting pot to blend regional values and western education. In addition to the educational aspects, EUB can contribute to Bahrain’s economic growth by sharing knowledge and resources with local business around the region, and establishing the University as a driving force within and around the communities. The University plans to remove a major barrier to Bahrain’s commercial growth by pioneering major human sciences research that will give local enterprises insights, essential to innovation and expansion. A start-up hub, a pioneering business support resource, and adult learning center are further evidence of the University’s determination to launch a new era of growth both at home and in the most competitive foreign markets, for Bahrain’s business community.EUB Campus will be an incubator for local businesses, encouraging local entrepreneurs, designers, craftsmen, and artisans to develop their skills and businesses under its protection and tutelage.

Euro University Township was inspired by Bahrain’s ancient past and depicts a new landmark in the development of tomorrow’s education. For a long time, the founders have shared the vision of a unique community, which has now been recognized by investors, educators, and businesses of all kinds, who have the opportunity to help change the educational status quo with this ground-breaking initiative. There are five faculties that constitute the educational might of EUB, chosen with a clear objective of filling critical gaps in the knowledge and resources of the region’s business. The five faculties are of Engineering, Business, Law, Humanities and Art, and of Science and IT. Why five? The number holds a special significance to Bahrainis – the five points depicted on their flag echo the five pillars of Islam. The university will also enable Bahrain to take its place among the world’s most ecological nations with an emphasis on sustainability represented by its green accreditation, its sustainable technologies curricula, the planting of rare local flora and its carbon-friendly infrastructure. Residents will live ecologically responsible lives, being able to relax in the knowledge that their community will be playing its part in assuring future generations of a healthy environment. Meanwhile, students will emerge from the university equipped to lead tomorrow’s carbon friendly industries and drive sustainable innovation.


It is EUB’s goal to become a reliable, internationally accredited platform that connects students from opposite ends of the planet. A convention-defying community that puts Bahrain on the education map by enabling people, businesses and the Kingdom of Bahrain to realize their full potential. The plan of action is to develop tailored courses, to employ experts in the education industry in order to equip all graduates with the necessary skills to ensure they are in demand by employers in the region and beyond. While the University will be a cauldron of discussion and debate that drives innovation, other areas of the township from the convention center to the small cafés and restaurants will also provide forums for the meeting of great minds. EUB will boast a mosque, student housing, sports facilities, townhouses, hotels and apartments, a convention center, a souq, and even a retail mall, to name a few.


Everyone knows it is within them to lead a responsible and successful life and it is within us all to achieve greatness. Whether you teach, work or study at the university, live in the community or work in the businesses it supports, that opportunity will be yours. Are you in the education field? Are you looking to further develop your brand concept? If so, contact us at Brand Lounge, and we will help you discover your purpose.

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