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Death by Digital. How to be a Survivor

Death by Digital. How to be a Survivor

Ten years from now half the companies we know today will be gone, simply because they failed to adapt to the digital paradigm. 70% of businesses may be trying to make the change right now, but at least 30% of those will die trying. Make no mistake about it, digital disruption is already impacting your business and will be doing so even more a very short time from now. So, how can you be sure you’ll be safe from death by digital?

The problem is that most managers still don’t really understand that digital isn’t about automating the things you already do, but doing things, making products and delivering services that have never been possible before. Once you get this you’ll also realise that the positive action you need is actually brand development not IT.

There’s a lot of work involved, but if you feel the urge to adopt a few short-cuts, forget it. They are all roads to nowhere. It’s easier when you know what you are doing, of course and the starting point is understanding where you stand today. That’s why we created our quick, free, on-line digital scorecard. Give it a try and see what your chances are of surviving the digital paradigm are.


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