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Strategies of a Clever Branding Agency: Dubai Companies Being First

Strategies of a Clever Branding Agency: Dubai Companies Being First

Thousands. Hundreds. Dozens. That’s the number of variations of any given product available on the marketplace today. Swing by your local supermarket to pick up milk for your morning cereal and you’ll be surprised one day to discover that you can choose not just between whole and nonfat but among non-dairy types, too — soy, rice, almond, hemp. Each trip to the mall will leave you dazzled by the newly opened shops where you can buy high-end fashion pieces, funky artistic accessories, prim and elegant wear, and lightheartedly casual basics. Even your love for a particular coffee haunt can be routinely challenged by the new coffee shops that pop up all over the city — there’s always the chance that you can find a better brew, a more filling sandwich, or a more sinful dessert in the new place, so you check it out.

As inevitable as it is for consumers to be enticed into trying out the new kids on the block — precisely to be able to say that they were able to experience the novelty and see how it compares with their long-standing favorites — it’s not entirely unthinkable to discover that many people will still vote in favor of their go-to brands, especially if these brands were the first to introduce their signature concepts.

How can a company launch a refreshing new product into the market, amid all the established brands? Well, you can take your cues from a seasoned branding agency; Dubai marketing professionals recommend making a careful study of the existing players in the niche that you want to enter and finding a way to avoid being the “second” at something. Firsts are quite often remembered; the second doesn’t always command as much attention.

For example, you plan to open a shop where artists can swap their works, network with fellow creatives, and stage events. You may discover that a similar space already exists in a prime location. Rather than pouring all your resources into attempting to dislodge the established shop by opening competing shops, try to find a different perception of the same concept. Take the shop online; make it a website that can serve as an artists’ hub — create forums where they can communicate, embed videos of tutorials, performances and talks, launch monthly community projects or meet-ups. Build on the concept and create a more enhanced package that you would be the first to present to your target audience.

A brand that catches the attention of consumers and stays in their memory has a better chance of carving out a place in its niche, so keep in mind that being the first is very doable — it just takes some reliable concepts, creative embellishments, and true value that creates an impact on consumers’ lives. People won’t think twice about picking that combination out of the bunch.

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