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Brand Lounge launch AVIVO Clinics in the UAE

Brand Lounge launch AVIVO Clinics in the UAE

Keep your eyes open and you’ll witness the arrival in the UAE of a new chain of up-market medical clinics called Avivo. The distinctive name, smart, clinical colour palette and inviting logo means Avivo will stand out wherever it appears, thanks to the work of our strategy and design team.

Our CEO Hasan Fadlallah explains “Avivo is a premium healthcare clinic and subsidiary of Healthcare MENA Limited, which we re-branded as part of the same project and have renamed  Avivo Group. Avivo Clinics place the care and comfort of their patients above all else, which manifests in numerous unique cultural and operational aspects of the organisation – their point of differentiation. We developed the Avivo name from the Spanish word “alive” and the logo represents how everyone at Avivo share the same focus, combining their individual skills to deliver the best possible care for each patient”.

“The logo is inspired by the bee-hive” says Farida Natour our Design Director “The entire population of a hive work together towards a single objective – the wellbeing of the queen. We saw this as synonymous with the Avivo approach to their work. Their patients are the focus of their efforts and the interlocking shape of the honeycomb neatly represents how multiple skills are combined to create Avivo’s unique synergy”.

The plan is to roll out Avivo Clinics across the GCC and South East Asia and with two clinics in Jumeriah and another in Healthcare City Avivo are already growing fast, so you are sure to see the new identity on a street near you soon.

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