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Brand Lounge – The award winning regional branding consultancy launches its digital perspective ‘#bldigital

Brand Lounge – The award winning regional branding consultancy launches its digital perspective ‘#bldigital

Blending strategic techniques of storytelling with dynamic technological advancements

which is at the heart of what #bldigital thrives to achieve.


Brand Lounge, a regional award-winning branding consultancy, announces the launch of its digital perspective, #bldigital. Over a successful 12 years of growth for Brand Lounge in the Middle East region, the digital perspective has recently been developed as an independent, yet integral part of the branding consultancy. The new unit is branded as #bldigital, with a focus on the development of complex digital & social media projects through adopting smart solutions and innovative technologies.

#bldigital offers wide digital transformation services to their clients from crafting digital brand strategies, creative & interactive content to KPI-Focused engagement and conversion campaigns to help brands strive in the digital era. With the evolution of the digital ecosystem as the main if not the only battlefield for brands to compete for attention and leads, #bldigital comes as a strategic force to differentiate brands online and help them achieve greater affinity while maximizing their value & share of voice.

“Digital has changed pretty much every facet of our lives. Businesses operate differently and because brands are the engine house of every business today they are the first thing you need to transform when you want to shift up a gear. “This is the digital age and we create brands that work in the digital paradigm” Says Hasan Fadlallah, Founder & CEO of Brand Lounge.

Quoting the great Jack Trout, brands should “Differentiate or Die”, therefore and more than ever, choosing your right marketing partner is crucial for the survival of your brand. #bldigital is this partner who will guide you and power you to differentiate and convert in the digital age added Fadlallah.

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