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Brand Lounge and branding assignment for Bahrain 11

Brand Lounge and branding assignment for Bahrain 11

Brand Lounge Bags the Most Sought-After Branding Assignment in the Region

BrandLounge, the MENA region’s leading brand and marketing strategy firm, has just wrapped its branding assignment for Bahrain 11, the first and biggest sports event to be held in the GCC under the supervision of the Olympic Committee of Bahrain. The challenging assignment included brand creation and development, all brand applications and the stadium and game halls branding.

Thirty-three years in the making, the dream of the first GCC Games becomes a reality this month and BrandLounge was on board from the start, putting forth a brand strategy that led to the name Bahrain 11. BrandLounge also created a distinct brand identity for the sports tournament as well as its brand guidelines and the official mascot that captures the spirit of the event.
The comprehensive list created by BrandLounge for the event that is akin to the Arab world’s first Olympic Games covered everything from sales and marketing materials to uniforms and sports teams costumes and apparatus in addition to retail merchandizing, advertising and communication concept development and PR space branding solutions.
Bahrain 11 (pronounced Bahrain One One) needed a branding partner with a deep and nuanced understanding of the region and its culture. With presence in the GCC and North Africa, BrandLounge was able to pool its experience and creativity and drive the event’s image from strategy through to execution. The experience implementation designed by BrandLounge included branding the stadiums and game halls built specifically by the Bahraini government for Bahrain 11. The assignment covered indoor and outdoor corporate space branding as well as the commercial space production in addition to details such as signage and way finding.

It is noteworthy to mention that the tournament, which includes 11 sporting events, will take place at all new sporting centers. BrandLounge has come together with the Bahraini Olympic Committee to present the look and feel of each sporting center in accordance with the overarching brand identity.

Hasan Fadlallah, Founder and Managing Director at BrandLounge, commented saying: “Developing actionable brand strategy can be very challenging but also a lot of fun when you have the right tools to dig really deep and propose a strategy that hits the nail right on the head. I’m confident that we have the right ingredients for that job. With Bahrain 11 specifically, our team takes a lot of pride and feels a sense of ownership as every one of us was involved in giving birth to a brand identity for an event that is making history for the region”.

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