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Awareness and Branding: Dubai Consumers and How They Make Choices

Awareness and Branding: Dubai Consumers and How They Make Choices

Today’s consumers are spoilt for choice. Examining options for products to purchase or services to experience has never been easier than in this day and age; aside from the usual process of buying things or signing up for services which would involve visits to shops and commercial centers, people can also go online to visit websites and e-commerce sites that give them access to extensive catalogues of every product imaginable — thousands upon thousands. And of course, consumers also have the option of going online through a variety of devices such as smartphones, tablet PCs and laptops, all of which can create unique purchasing experiences for people.

But even when faced with such infinite options, many people hold fast to products, companies and events that they know for a fact provide value and something essential to their lives — value and quality that they know they can count on to always be there. A certain soft drink, for example, would be identifiable in almost every corner of the globe by its red and white swirls and is sure to have that same refreshing taste every time you open a bottle. Or perhaps you see your boyfriend suddenly place a small, robin’s egg-blue box on the table after a romantic dinner and you know exactly what that means for your relationship.

This is what effective branding can do. Branding, Dubai marketing experts share involves any activity that can reinforce what the company is all about. An organization’s branding is composed of various elements such as the logo, colors, packaging, and particular properties that help differentiate it from the rest. Branding is what helps consumers recognize and relate to your offerings by triggering associations in their heads, so that when it comes time to buy, they’ll know exactly what they need — a low-cost outlet of goods, perhaps, or a comforting food joint that follows a friendly and effective self-serve policy.

Simply put, a company’s brand is what a consumer thinks when he encounters your name — his perception of what you have to offer. This is one reason why successful branding also comes with the much-coveted effect of cultivating brand loyalty; because people are aware of what your name stands for, they will easily recall it even when faced with thousands of options. When it comes down to the fact that your product and another company’s product have the same price, what will make people pick up your product instead of others’? It’s that nuance — that extra mile you go to improve or enhance customer satisfaction, that higher level of craftsmanship that is easily distinguishable in your lineup of products.

By having a proper branding strategy in place, you can be sure that more people will pick out your product from the long aisle at the supermarket or enter your shop premises despite the endless stretch of stores they can choose from. It’s being present in your target audience’s minds.

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