About Us

Brand Lounge is an award winning regional branding consultancy & the designated partner of ‘Trout & Partners’ in the Middle East & Africa with over a decade of global experience in maximizing value through uncovering the point of differentiation in competitive markets.


    We value Diversity as the cornerstone of our thinking and our culture, diversity in our people, in our client’s sectors and in our ideas and opinions.
  • Commitment
    We value Commitment because we are passionate at core, we are the co-creators of the brands and we tag our name with every project to make sure we are accountable and responsible for finding solutions and building differentiated brands together, mind & heart with our clients.
  • Insightfulness
    We value Insightfulness because it’s a progressive act and a thinking style based on deep knowledge of human behavior, cultures, market dynamics, business models and brand experiences.
  • Efficiency
    We value Efficiency because inefficiency is the enemy of success, we don’t believe there is a place for waste, we practice what we preach, introducing proven methods and processes and adopting the latest technologies to ensure we can do more with less so you can maximize “value on investment”