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Brand Lounge is ten years old, but some of our team have been building brands around the world for far longer, so we know a bit about branding and we are happy to share our knowledge with you. To start the ball rolling, here are a few of our firmly held beliefs.

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Living brands

Brands are communities of people with shared values and beliefs. We buy their products and wear them as badges of belonging to define ourselves to others. We are Nike people, Apple people, and Harley Davidson people. And if you think that’s just a consumer perspective, think again. It also applies to industrial and corporate industries just as well.

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Get emotional

A purchase is an emotional process. Some analysts are just confused because society has persuaded us that grown-ups should act rationally. So we post-rationalise, but that doesn’t change the fact. Brands have to build relationships beyond the purely practical.

Say it with meaning

A logo is a communication tool not a decoration. It has four jobs to do – give your name, express your personality, hint at what you do and make you stand out in a crowded marketplace. In today’s competitive environment it’s essential that you nail it first time.

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Be efficient

The single biggest difference between a successful organisation and a failed one is efficiency. A strong brand is the key to increasing your efficiency.

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Be consistent

The secret of a successful brand, as with any relationship, is consistency. Behave erratically and nobody will know where you stand. That’s why it’s essential to align every action of your organisation behind a clearly defined promise. That’s great branding!

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Be honest

There’s no place to hide in the digital world. If your words and actions don’t match, be sure your public will catch you out and trust will be lost. Nobody buys from people they don’t trust.

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