our people

The faces behind the names

Like any business, Brand Lounge is the sum of its people. These are our people – diverse, opinionated, dedicated – there are no shrinking violets here. Every character is larger than life, which makes for a bit of healthy tension and certainly drives our innovation. We all love being part of this team and producing solutions that make us, and our clients, stand out from the crowd.

founder and brand expert

Hasan Fadlallah

Founder and CEO

Hasan hails from Lebanon, but has been in the Gulf since Sheikh Zayed road was a camel track …almost. He made his name in the communication world by working with International agencies like D’arcy and Publicis and set up Brand Lounge in 2006 to introduce the international concept of brand development to the Gulf.

Mohamad Badr

COO & Head of Strategy

Mohamad is an award-winning social entrepreneur and marketing professional with more than 10 years of experience in the AME region. He has extensive expertise in strategy development, brand building & positioning, the formulation of Content strategies and applied Digital Marketing.

special projects and creative direction

Toni Saliba

Creative Director

Brand Lounge’s first employee and resident biker. In fact, Toni has a collection of vintage motorcycles and a Chevy Silverado that’s as old as Phil. He is one of those creative all-rounders who can turn even the most challenging brief into a thing of beauty.

design direction and branding

Farida Natour

Design Director

We like to call her Little Miss Tidy (borderline OCD and obsessed with labelling her cupboards). Originally from Lebanon, Farida studied design in Italy, so she “knows her cipolle!”

brand management and marketing deployment

Fadi Darweesh

Senior Brand Manager

Mr. Organisation has experience across a wide range of marketing disciplines, endless patience and red-hot project management skills. Just what you’d expect from a black-belt brand manager. He also has the loudest voice in the office, so he has no secrets (despite what he may believe!).

web experience and development

Mahmoud Alsrouji

Senior Web Developer

With all these loud folks in the office it’s refreshing to find a man of few words. Actually, Mahmoud communicates in code, which speaks volumes for our clients’ digital platforms and more than compensates for his quietness.

Shady Arnaout

Brand Designer

Shady is a master in brand delivery, with execution that is unparalleled and a skill set that continues to grow through his multiple hobbies from photography to movie making, yet his favourite hobby of all is to give hugs that make anyone feel instantly better.

Vugar Adigozalov

Digital Brand Manager

Award winning digital brand professional with  8 years of experience across a broad range of diverse industry segments and leading digital functions. Proven ability to transfer vision, creativity and business acumen into the “digital world”.

Hammad Sheikh

Senior Brand Designer

Bringing 10 years of advertising experience, Hammad now pursues to step into the world of Branding. A multi-talented creative person, he enjoys and thrives on pushing his creative limits. He is refreshingly outspoken and brings an invaluable sense of the absurd to his work.

Ashwini Sirur

Digital brand specialist

Originally from India, though having spent her entire life in the GCC, Ashwini’s love for the heat is only exceeded by her passion to deliver brands! working under pressure is not an issue, as she does it with one of her five daily meals at hand..

Nourhan ElGeneidy

Social Media Specialist

Nourhan comes from a multi discipline background having worked in Film production, advertising and digital, she is living proof that passion can drive a career and ensure success. Her hobbies include collecting anything pink in colour, and building on her existing pool network of regional celebrities and influencers.

Alina Drabovych

PA/Office Manager

Before joining our team Alina was supporting top managers of top-3 management consulting organizations in various aspects. At Brand Lounge each day is an opportunity for her to gain further experience by working with companies in countries with different local laws, rules and habits.

office logistics

Pathum Rukshan

Office Support

Mister Fix-It, Bob the Builder and Parker the chauffer rolled into one. Pathum finds a way whatever the need. Pathum gave up a promising career in films to dedicate his life to Brand Lounge (and we’re happy he did).