about brand lounge

Originating in the gulf and reaching 36 countries

We’re ten years old, founded in Dubai, specialise in developing brands and right now we are drawing on our network of partners across Europe, US and Asia and expanding across the Gulf and into Africa.

We established ourselves as brand strategists then incorporated design services to help our clients get the best out of the strategies we gave them. More recently we’ve introduced a new capability – “deployment” – for much the same reason. We now provide end-to-end support for any organisation that wants to bring its brand into the new business paradigm.

Brands today sit at the heart of every business, so brand development is about business transformation. Our business-like approach gives us the edge on advertising agencies and design shops that see themselves as brand experts. Sure, design and communication are part of the process of brand development, but what drives all of that is strategy and that’s where our heart lies. Everything we do has sound business thinking behind it. We don’t judge ourselves on how pretty our logos are or how many Clio’s we won last year (although we do design a lot of great logos and win awards) our KPIs are the value, growth and overall performance of our clients’ businesses.

Of course businesses and therefore our strategies are complex and we wouldn’t pretend to do everything that’s needed to achieve that success ourselves. We call on the support of our worldwide partners who are specialists in the skills our clients need and combine them with the specialists within our client organisations and our own in-house experts to custom-build solutions. We then apply our project management skills and specially developed processes, to direct them through the implementation of our strategies, on budget and on time.

It helps that we are part of the Trout & Partners network of specialised consultants, boasting some of the world’s leading exponents of brand naming, brand audit and equity research, CRM, digital and social marketing who we can call upon for the best the world has to offer in these specialist marketing skills.

The Trout & Partners founder Jack Trout is one of the world’s foremost marketing gurus, acclaimed author, and founder of the concept of “Brand Positioning”, the world’s number one business strategy, adopted by fortune 500 organisations and SMEs alike.